REVIEW: Loctite FUN-TAK Mounting Putty – Soo Useful! Life hacks! Mounting and Cleaning!

I been using Loctite FUN-TAK Mounting Putty ( ) for so many things other than mounting posters! This mounting putty can be used to temporarily hold plastic, metal, paper, brick, wood, and other materials in place. I use to for mounting, holding, and cleaning!

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I have a big ball of Loctite FUN-TAK Mounting Putty ( ) to use and reuse to mount plastic parts and switches to my computer and desk. Its been holding on for months without issues. It can easily be removed.

Loctite FUN-TAK Mounting Putty ( ) can also be used for cleaning hard to reach or delicate electronics to pickup dirt and dust. It sticks and pulls the dirt off. Simply shape and dap on to areas to pick up dirt.

Loctite FUN-TAK Mounting Putty ( ) is also used for temporary fixes for my plastic parts such as to hold connectors together, such as for my RJ11 connector with a missing tab. It held the connector in place for about 3 days without issue and was easy to remove.

Overall its good to have some Loctite FUN-TAK Mounting Putty ( ) for holding items together and other diy stuff around the house or the office.

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