Costco! Lotus Foods Millet & Brown RICE RAMEN! 10 Pack! $9!!! REVIEW

Costco has Lotus Foods Millet & Brown RICE RAMEN in a 10 Pack box for $9!!! This is also sold online: .

I bought a 10 pack to try. It’s interesting to note that this Rice Ramen is gluten free and organic. Good for folks who need a gluten free diet. At $1 per ramen, this is pricer than my 24 for $7 Nissin Cup Noodles ( ) . Without the gluten it is missing a bounce factor in the noodle. The noodles and Red Miso soup tastes fine and is less filling than the traditional instant ramen.

Overall it is a good soup base and is quick to cook. It took about 4 to 5 minutes in the microwave to cook. I added ham and spinach to my ramen for protein and iron. The Miso soup base has some what strong smelling sea weed. I think its good tasting but my friends had different tastes.

Is it worth it? Leave a comment below!

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