So a my 2018 had a rock hit the edge of the windshield. Over night the crack grew from one inch to across my windshield to the passenger side. That small crack cost about 2 weeks of driving another car due to a nationwide backorder in Honda windshields and about a total of $2,200 to repair!

Apparently with Honda Sensing and other car safety assist systems with radar and cameras mounted behind the windshield, it requires original Honda glass and Honda dealer calibration after the new glass install. Some glass installers are able to calibrate the camera to new glass but they needed the programming and patterns. According to my auto glass installer and my Honda dealer, the windshield was back-ordered nationwide for Honda Clarity and Accords. I had to drive my other car for about 2 weeks for the parts to arrive. /

Both qoute replacement costs to be about $1500-1700 for the glass and materials, $250 for install, and $250+ for calibration… WOW so its about $2,200 for a new windshield! That was one expensive windshield. I removed my dash cam system and made a quick DIY on how to remove dash came mount ( https://youtu.be/TkvI8Zla6Us ) .

Many new cars have these camera and radar systems installed for safety systems. With this in mind, I hope glass specific to these safety camera systems come down in price in production and installation costs. Imagine a budget Civic or Corollla having to pay a hefty $2000 windshield repair bill…. YIKES!

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