How To: Solar Powered Work Shed!

So I wanted to setup a my backyard shed with a solar power to run drills, saws, recharge my power tools, and boil water and cook ramen. I got a 100 watt solar panel ( ) , 2000watt Inverter ( ), 12v solar charge controller ( ) , 12v 60amp battery ( ) , 12volt battery terminal brass ( ) , electric pot ( ) , solar power cable ( ), and Cup of noodle Ramen ( ) … so I will mount it later this is more of a test the concept.

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I only use a 100 watt solar power panel, connected to a 12v charge controller to a 12v 60 amp hour battery and connected to a 2000 watt inverter. I needed a 2000 watt inverter to power my power tools and 600w electric pot to cook ramen.
Overall its a good test and the solar power system for my shed will be great!

Stuff in this video:
100 watt solar panel ( ) ,
solar power cable ( ),
2000watt Inverter ( ),
12volt battery terminal brass ( )
12v solar charge controller ( ) ,
12v 60amp battery ( ) ,
electric pot ( ) ,
Cup of noodle Ramen ( )

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