REVIEW: 3D MAXpider Custom All Weather Floor Mats – 3 YEARS LATER…

This is a long term review of the 3D MAXpider Custom All Weather Floor Mats ( ) for Honda Accord, Civic, Honda Clarity and Tesla Model 3 about three years ago (2018 model year).

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The 3D MAXpider Custom All Weather Floor Mats ( ) are custom fit for each of the cars and has benefits of covering the entire foot well of the driver, passenger, and rear seats of the cars. The lip of these floor mats are high which make them good to project your car carpet floors from mud, snow, and liquid spills.

They are also ridged and have a rubberized top and a high friction bottom that resembles fake grass on the bottom of the floor mates. They also use the OEM floor mat lockdowns so they are very secure. The thick multilayer design also helps sound deadens the floor of the car.

The negative aspects of these mats are the rubberized top that attracts fine dust. It is easily washed off with soap and water and a garden hose. if you want it to look clean. The fit has been great for all 3 model of cars I equipped them in, however the 2018 Tesla Model 3 version has a slight pucker on the rear center passenger mat.

Overall i am very satisfied with the custom floor mats as it has saved me hours of time in cleaning and vacuuming.

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3D MAXpider Custom All Weather Floor Mats ( )

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3D Maxpider KAGU Custom Floor Mats – 2018 Honda Clarity! Review and Unboxing!!!

I just got my new 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and wanted new custom all weather mats so i dont have to vacuum or worry about wet shoes.  I ordered my 3D Maxpider custom floor mats online ( )  and it took about 1 week for it to arrive as they were new and back ordered.   Other Honda Clarity owners got Tuxmat Custom Mats ( ) that fit very well and are heavy duty and look like padded leather floors!  Truly luxurious!

I was not able to find Husky liners as they have not made them for the Honda Clarity as of this post. My Chevy Volt’s mats are Husky Liners ( ) and i love its light weight and easy cleaning attributes.

I was going to get the OEM Honda all weather or Weathertech but did not want rubber mats.

Overall the 3D Maxpider is a lightweight medium duty custom fit mat that fits perfectly on my 2018 Honda Clarity. Its easily removable for cleaning. I like that it also covers the rear center hump!  I heard that 3D Maxpider also have custom 3D mats for the Tesla 3 as well that is sold out : 

Installation took less than 5 minutes.  Simply replace the factory mats with the 3D Maxpider mats and lock in the factory floor nobs.  And that’s it!

Great buy and good investment to keep the car low maintenance from drink spills and cleanup time!

Thanks for watching! I am looking  to make more posts about my 2018 Honda Clarity in the coming months as this is my long term review vehicle! 🙂

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