Costco! New Food Menu Items! Cheeseburger – $4.99! – Reviewed!

Costco! New Food Menu Items! Cheeseburger – $4.99! i bought it along with the combination pizza and Acai bowl.  I tried the Acai bowl before (  ) and thought it was pretty good and healthy. This time I taste test the two patty cheese burger at Costco.  I found it dry and the second slice of cheese  on the patty did not melt. The lettuce was in bits as well as the tomato. Overall it was ok for the value. It lacked taste. The patty was dry and not juicy.  I still prefer the  chicken bake, pizza, hotdog, or BBQ pull pork sandwich and Caesar Salad over the burger. Perhaps others had a better experience.  Has any one tried the Al Pastor Salad if so let me know if its any good?

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