How to clean shower stall in 10 minutes the EASY WAY without much scrubbing.

Living with room mates and sharing a shower stall, we take turns to clean the bathroom every other week. Sometimes longer. I found a fast low effort way of cleaning my shower stall using use Lime Away Gel ( ), car wind shield sponge brush ( ), and a commercial grade toilet bowl brush ( . Btw, my Youtube vlogs and reviews may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases.

Over the past 10 years i have been living in Los Angeles with very hard water. Grime and mildew builds up on the hard water calcium buildup. When its my turn to clean the plastic shower stall and bathroom, I use Lime Away Gel ( ) to melt the calcium and grime, lightly brush, then rinse all the dirt and grime off with hot water. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and is effortless.

Safety first: Wear eye and skin protection. I use my $5 safety glasses ( ) to protect my eyes from any chemical splashes. I would also use dish washing gloves for skin and hand protection.
DO NOT LEAVE Lime A WAY GEL on metal or chrome surfaces, it will stain the chrome. Wipe on and rinse off within 2 minutes.

The brushes i always use are the Rubbermaid Commercial toilet brush: which costs about $5-7 dollars but has lasted over 9 years now. The sole purpose of this one brush is for shower stall cleaning only. Its put away after every use. This commercial brush is not only heavy duty brushes, moreover it has a long handle for better reach with out stooping on my knees to clean the shower. The main purpose of this brush is to apply the gel to hard to reach nooks and crevices. And for the final scrub overall.
I keep a separate better looking stainless steel toilet brush ( )for toilet cleaning and aesthetics.

The second brush is a car windshield brush ( ). Its durable and has lasted for over 7 years in my bathroom brush tools. The main purpose is to apply a film of the gel onto the large surfaces of the stall quickly.

I apply the lime away gel onto a slightly wet brush and apply directly on the flat shower walls. Then i use the commercial grade toilet brush to apply and scrub the crevices.
DO NOT LEAVE Lime A WAY GEL on metal or chrome surfaces, it will stain the chrome. Wipe on and rinse off within 2 minutes.

I apply gel to the floor of the shower last, and as i apply i start scrubbing the heavy stains and grime on the floor. By this time 6-8 minutes would have passed and it would be time scrub the any nooks quickly as most of the calcium has been softened. 80-90% of the grime and stains should come off. Using HOT water, rinse from the top to the bottom and most of the dirt, grime, calcium , and stains will pretty much wash away.

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