How to Fix Broken Chevy Cargo Cover Hook!! GM Interior Retainer #25913048

My 2017 Chevy Volt cargo  tent cover hook broke today. I checked the dealer and they wanted $6 for a replacement. Its the GM Interior-Retainer part number 25913048.  It was sold at Amazon as well:

I didnt want to spend $6-$7 just to have it break again. So I created a DIY.

NOTE: DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!  This is video of my experience and story and is for entertainment. You can just take it to your Chevy dealership to fix it.

I removed it and fixed it. You will need the following:

  •  Epoxy Resin – I use a 5 Minute  general use 1300 PSI  epoxy resin. 
  • A scrap paper – to mix the epoxy resin
  • A chopstick  ( I use a recycled one from my last take out run. )  This will be the support in the cavity of the retainer clip.
  • Diagonal Cutter ( this is just to cut the chopstick down to a smaller size).

GM Cargo Tent  Retainer CLIP  REMOVAL: 

  1. Removing the clip by turning it clockwise about 1/6 rotation and it will pop out.
    NOTE: Mine was really tight so I just used  my scissor to rotate it out. Doing so will scratch the plastic.  I should have used tape on the scissors.
  2. Get the broken hook and clip. 
    • If the hook is still intact and fits back on the retainer. Good use it   
    • If its missing a lot of plastic or does not align back with together well. Just buy a new clip, its not worth it fixing.
  3. Get your diagonal cutters and Chopstick.
    • cut about 8 mm length of chopstick to act as a dowel for hook repair.
    • use the cutter to split the 8 mm chopstick to a smaller girth.
    • place in cavity to see it if fits?  Too big? Cut to adjust. Too small, cut another piece that is bigger.
  4. Mix Epoxy Resin – Follow the instructions on the box. I used  scrap paper to mix the two epoxy parts and applied to the broken pieces.
  5. Joining the two parts.  I placed them face down on the table and added some epoxy to the cavity, then added the fitted 8mm chopstick / dowel,  Then filled the entire cavity  with the resin, sealing the dowel into the hook and clip.
  6. Let the epoxy resin set and cure.
  7. Replace the chip into the cargo area!
  8. Your done!Do you have the same issue? if so comment below!

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