BONDIR Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizer Box and USB Charger – REVIEW

I just got to review the BONDIR Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizer Box and USB Charger ( ) .

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For months, I have been using spraying 50% rubbing alcohol to sanitize my smart phone and keys. This leaves my cell phone wet for 5 minutes and may ruin my plastic screen protector film.

This Beyond Sanitizer box is a more elegant method to sanitize my phone and keys. It basically sanitizes small personal items such as keys, glasses, and cell phone using UV light. It also has USB C and USB A plugs to charge your devices. BONDIR Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizer Box comes in black ( ) as well as colors and styles on from Sonix / Bondir on Amazon ( ).

It is easy to setup and it looks modern and stylish. It takes about 10 minutes to process sanitization and charges your phone in the process. The phone charger works even if you dont use the sanitizer function so it can be your phone, key, or ear bud box.

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RAVPower Solar Charger 28W Solar Panel with 3 USB Port Travel Charger – REVIEW and UNBOXING

I bought the RAVPower Solar Charger 28W Solar Panel with 3 USB Port Travel Charger ( on Amazon for $49. I was planning to take this solar panel on my camping trip this week. In this video I will unbox and review this portable solar travel charger.
It comes with the 28W solar panel, 2 USB micro cables, and 4 metal hooks.

Why: I needed a portable compact solar travel charger for my road trips and place on my under my windshield when I was parked with the window open. The specifications and function is quite good on this charger 28 Watts with 3 USB ports outputting 2.1A per port. The built in charge controller works well.

The solar panels are very efficient and stores very compact compared to my previous DOKIO 80 Watt folding solar panel kit ( ). I typically use my 80 watt during multiple day camping trips to charge my USB devices and my 12 volt car battery by leaving it on top of the car windshield. I also use several solar security lights ( ) for my house to quickly add security lighting to places with limited power. They have worked well for the past 2 years.

REVIEW: I tested the panel on my porch to charge my power banks. In 4 hours, it topped off half-full my Miady 26800mAh PD Portable Charger Power Bank ( ). The temperature was about 70 degrees worked well with all 3 USB ports at 2.1A. I decided to place the unit on my car dash board to check size and fit. 5 minutes placing it on my dash, 3 USB port charge controller fell off! Apparently the glue or adhesive backing did not stick well to the nylon material.

CONCLUSION: While it still charges, the glue is not durable in heat. The temperature was less than 75 degrees in the car. I will still bring it with me on my trip however i feel who ever designed it did not pick the correct adhesive. I read more reviews on Amazon ( ) and others experienced similar glue issues. If i had mounted this on my backpack, the charge port would have torn off during the hike. The charging is fine, the build and design missed the mark. I have sent an email to RavPower for a resolution, if not its going to be returned.

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Costco! Battery Tender 6/12 Volt Battery Charger / Maintainer 3A! $29!!!

Costco has Battery Tender – Battery 6/12 volt Charger / Maintainer 3A for $27!!! Different varieties of Battery Tenders are sold online: .

I typically either disconnect my car battery on the cars i dont drive very often. however with more cars relying on power door locks and hidden driver keys. It may be easier to just keep the car battery charged every 2 weeks of none use.

I use these to keep my other cars which are parked for a long period of time. For my Honda Accord and Dodge Cargo Van, I connect the leave the 3 amp Battery Tender on over the weekend and swap cars every week.  This keeps the cars 12 volt battery from failing and the cars are ready to drive if needed.

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