DIY: Tire Dressing with a Paint Brush + REVIEW: Armor All Protectant (OLD and NEW formula)

DIY: Tire Dressing with a Paint Brush + REVIEW: Armor All Protectant (OLD and NEW formula)

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I have been using the same bottle 64 oz of ARMOR ALL Protectant on my tires to give it that shine for years. The original formula had the look and consistency of milk and smelled very plastic like, however it had a lot of glossy shine that i loved. Last week I ran out of that milky super shiny and bought a new bottle of Armor All ( ) however the formula has changed!

The new formula is more of a gel or suspension. The gloss and shine is not as prominent and it has less odor. I like that its less chemical smelling, however i miss the super gloss look. Take a look at the video for the comparison.

DIY: Using a paint brush to apply Tire Dressing
So i typically do not spray protectant but rather paint tire dressing onto my tires with a 2 inch paint brush ( ). I do so because of the following reasons:

  1. Effective reach in tight spots and tire details.
  2. i don’t like wasting sponges – i have been using the same 2 inch paint brush for over six years!
  3. Fast application and NO over spray onto the wheels or fenders.
  4. Does not waste product
  5. Less packaging waste into landfills : especially from aerosol products or foam products or single use wipes.

-Wash and dry car and wheels – shake the tire dressing liquid – pour 1 oz into shallow can – paint 1 or 2 coats onto tires with 2 inch paint brush. –

I usually put tire dressing after the car wash, so the car, wheels, tires are clean. The tires also has a bit of moisture so the protectant mixes on the surface of the tire for more shine. It still gets absorbed by the tire.

I shake and mix the bottle and I put about half an ounce to one ounce of protectant into a shallow can. This will be enough for all four tires. With the original milk-like ARMOR ALL, I painted a coat on each tire before adding a second coat. This gives it a spectacular glossy wet shine!
The new formula, only needs one coat as its more like a gel. Once it dries, it doesn’t have the super shine, but rather looks like a clean rubber with a bit of gloss. It still looks good, just not wet any more.

I dont use ArmorAll in my interior, as in the past it used to smell and cause glare. I have not used the new low gloss formula on my new car dash. I have NOT used protectant on my interior for the past 12+ years, moreover i live in sunny southern California and have not had a sun damaged dash on any of my cars. The newer car materials may be more resistant to UV light. I also use a large windshield sun shade ( ) when parking in the sun light.

So, that’s it.
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