DIY: Big Cat Toys! Using Catnip Spray on Cool Dog Toys!

DIY: Big Cat Toys! Using Catnip Spray on Cool Dog Toys!  Some of the new dog toys are really nice! So i bought the for my cats!  You can get them at Target or Amazon : . They are usually better priced than cat toys!  This donut was so big my cat can use it as a seat!

I just spray it with Catnip spray and they love it!  Cat nip spray:

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Costco! LightSpeed FlexForm Self-Inflating Sleep / Camp Mat! $35!!!

Nice! Costco has self inflating foam camping mats again for $35!!!  Amazon has them for $70+

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Costco! CAT LED Worklight w/ Magentic Base! $19!!!

They have a new CAT work light at Costco!  They also have other CAT LED worklights on Amazon :

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Costco! Ling Ling Chicken Mini Spring Rolls! $9 – Food Review -Toast R Oven

I try Ling Ling All Natural Chicken Mini Spring Rolls from Costco. Got them for about $9 for 30. Good for snacking. Cooks in about 15 mins at 450 degrees in my Black and Decker Toast – R – Oven ( ) .  I love this little oven i have been using it for years.   The skin of the spring rolls are a bit too thick and does not crisp.  The processed chicken is a bit peppery. overall its good as a snack food.

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Costco Summary – Posts to come!

Hamster Holloween Shirt:


Vintage dresses :

Camping lanterns:

80 Watt Folding Solar Panel I bought it on amazon: 

Sonicare Toothbrush heads 

Carbon Fiber Hiking Sticks

Morey Body boards 

Sandisk 256 GB Cruiser USB3 Drive : 

FEIT LED Lighted Mirror 24in  x 36in :

Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder :

Coat hooks:

USB C convertor:

tide pods:

Sabre Pepper spray

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter :


Costco! 3M Command Damage Free Hanging Hardware / Hooks! $10!!!

This is a pretty good Costco deal!  3M Command Damage Free Hanging Hardware and Hooks are on sell at Costco for bout $10, compared to normal price of $14!   On Amazon they sell hanging strips  for 12 pairs for  $7 . That’s like getting 4 pairs as a bonus!

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Costco! Crisp Shredded Dried Pork – 16 oz!!! $9!!!!!

Oh BOY! They have shredded dried pork at costco for $9. Normally this is very expensive even in Chinese / Asian super markets! These go perfectly on steam rice or on top of noodles!  Amazon has it for about $20+  and other varieties:

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Costco! Winix 3 Stage Air Purifier (360 sqft) $139!!!!

With spring time coming around i am looking for air filter for my room to remove dust and pollen from the air. This one does 360+ square feet which will be more than enough for small apartment. Amazon also has different sizes   but costs more compared to this one at Costco!

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Costco CAP KettleBell 3 Weights Set with Rack – 60lbs total. $89!!!

They got chrome kettle bell weights with rubberized bases at costco. Total of 60 pounds ! They also have it at amazon for individual piece but its much more expensive

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